Benefit Of Selling On Multi-Vendor Marketplace


Online shopping has been the trend and continue growing in all sector of the world economy. Shoppers do not want to pass through that stressful way to shop anymore, for convenient and comfortability, they sit in their homes, shop what they need and get it in no time.

Online shopping is one of the most popular online activities worldwide. In 2019, retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to 3.53 trillion US dollars and e-retail revenues are projected to grow to 6.54 trillion US dollars in 2022. (Source: That sound good right? YES, then, why not taking step to take your portion of this money?

Getting part of this huge money come with a lot of work and sacrifices. That is, building your own e-commerce platform (hiring web developer to do this come with a huge cost), managing and maintaining your platform yourself (time consuming). In other to do this you have to be technological know-how. This is not the end of your stress. Bringing people to your website to shop from your store come with high cost of advertisement and even it will take a longer period before people get to know your website.

That is a huge work right? No, don’t give up. You still have a shortcut way to get your portion. No more stress and tech skills needed. No cost of website development and No cost of promotion and advertisement

Joining an already built multi-vendor marketplace website like keenPals is the solution to all the stress you will go through to start from the scratch. Joining such marketplace come with huge benefits as listed below:


Having your own website come with tedious work and incurring more cost in bringing up the website. Searching for trusted website developer is a problem. Managing the website yourself is time consuming as well. Joining already built website like keenPals will save you all this headache. All you need is to signup for free as a vendor and get approved, just with a few steps, you can start selling your products with no wasting of time and money, Isn’t interesting?


As it is the aim of every shop to showcase it products to as many customers as it can, selling your products on multi-vendor market place like keenPals is just a click to show your product to customers that need your products.


Multi-vendor marketplaces are managed and maintain by their owners. This make it easier and time saving when selling on such platform, you have no work to do as a store owner (vendor), yours is to post all your product and stay back for your orders to come in. Selling on keenPals come with additional incentives. Your first 10 products are created for you for free. With this if you sell less or up to 10 line items, then yours is to sign up and start making money after your products have been uploaded for you.  No work needed, Isn’t interesting?


Having your own website as newbies also come with high cost of advertisement to promote your single vendor website.  Promotions and all sort of advertisement are done by the Market owner. There are lot of massive advertisement that are carry on to bring more customers to their website everyday. As a store owner (vendor) you only benefit from this promotion and advertisement freely.


Every multi-vendor marketplace owner need as many vendors as possible to sell on their website. This make it simple for customers to shop everything they need at one platform. In achieving this, market like keenPals also give free training and 24/7 vendor support to all vendors in order to manage their store well, in terms of how to process orders and uploading their products on the platform.

In conclusion, selling on already build multi-vendor market place like keenPals reduces all your stress in selling online, increase your sales per week and that lead to increase in your return on investment. With keenPals, you just have a shortcut way to get your portion of over 6.54 trillion US dollars that online stores are earning.

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